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Power of The Word

I’ve recently heard more talk about the trend of adopting a “word of the year,” and I am encouraged by the motivation to better ourselves.Words I have heard recently are Confidence and Persevere.As I have been thinking about this idea and these words, I heard God say:
“What power does a word have?Where does the power come from in a word that will enable you to make a life changing transformation?”From the word alone the power comes from ourselves, our own strength and our own will.The problem is, by ourselves, we are under the influence of an everchanging world.So the strength we use to make a change varies depending on the circumstances of our day.We are governed by what we allow to influence us. If we allow that influence to come from the world, then we are faced with trying to maintain a certain standard within ourselves, no matter what is happening around us.We are left to our own devices to find the strength within us to maintain a personal transformation.Unfortunately, that str…

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