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A Lamp to Our Feet (A Deeper Dive into Scripture)

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Years ago, we took a vacation to Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.    During a tour of the largest cave, they turned the lights out to experience total darkness.   To this day, I can remember how that made me feel.     My senses were diminished and heightened all at the same time.     I remember feeling empty and lost very quickly.   My family was right beside me, but I felt they were so far away and I needed to touch them, maybe to reassure myself I was not alone.   The temperature of course had not changed, but I felt colder.   We were told to stand still for safety because the terrain was not smooth, and you could have easily stumbled.   My sense of direction quickly became distorted, so I had nothing to give me any indication of the right way to get out.      Because we were in a cave, sounds bounced from one wall to another, and it was difficult to tell from what direction it came, so sound was not necessarily

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